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Kagithane, the commercial center of the business world...

In the recent period, with the investments that have been passed on to life, Kağıthane, which is close to Istanbul's main arteries is becoming the focal point of business world with its central location and easy access. Kağıthane was named after a river that pours to the Golden Horn in Istanbul, with the reason that old paper mills were found in the valley. Apart from these manufactures at the time; there were also flour mills and gun powder factories, and flat areas were used for javeling games and arrow shooting practices. Kağıthane, which is the fastest developing and modernizing residential and commercial area of Istanbul, continues its rapid rise in terms of life, with its social, environmental, urban transformation and investment projects with its cultural, public facilities and information projects such as Open Air Museum and City Museum. Besides already being in an advantageous region of Istanbul with its convenience of location and transportation, Istanbul Metros, Eurasia Tunnel and Dekovil Line also adds value to Kağıthane.